Are you staff up to date?

How often do you check that your staff are up to date with their first aid and health and safety training? It would appear from a new report that while the larger companies are quite good at complying with Health and Safety Regulations, it is the small companies that are more lax.

A report by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) identified that the smaller companies (MSE’s) are the most at risk of workplace accidents and illnesses –  30 per cent of MSE’s don’t carry out regular assessments (in comparison with only three per cent of organisation’s with 250 or more employees)

Despite MSE’s accounting for nearly 99 per cent of European enterprises (employing almost half the European workforce), a large proportion don’t have adequate occupational and health and safety arrangements in place.  In other words employees are not being properly protected.

I am not surprised by the findings – many  smaller companies just don’t realise their legal obligations in relation to first aid and health and safety. They also don’t realise that their insurance may be invalid if they are not fully up to date with first aid and health and safety training.

I recently attended an event where the majority of the 100 attendees were over 65 and yet there was no one on site responsible for first aid. How do I know?  I asked the manager, who somewhat disparagingly told me that he had attended a first aid course ‘10 years ago’ and he could remember what to do!  So that was ok. I beg to differ.

Eurostat showed that between 2008 and 2012 fatal accidents were most common in organisations with less than 50 employees.

Employers both large and small in the UK must comply with the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 which apply to all workplaces, regardless of size or number of staff.

As an employer you need to:

  • Assess your first aid needs based on the hazards and risks involved in your workplace
  • Provide adequate and appropriate equipment and enough trained first aiders to help injured or ill staff.


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