First Aid Training For Parents & Child Carers

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Our award winning paediatric first aid courses are suitable for anyone who would like to have basic first aid and emergency life saver training for babies and children.

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, nanny, au pair or babysitter, our Paediatric Lifesaver course will give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to deal with an accident or emergency involving babies and children.

You will learn what to do if a baby or child needs CPR, chokes or is unconscious for any reason plus how to treat head injuries, fever, febrile convulsions, bleeding and  burns.

Classes can be arranged any day of the week and at any time (latest start time is 6.30pm).

One of our super friendly, highly qualified and experienced trainers will come to your home or chosen venue with all the first aid manikins and equipment required to ensure you get lots of skills practice.

These relaxed and engaging first aid classes are ideal for parents and expectant parents to learn together with friends and family.

Child carers who would like or need more advanced training can upgrade to our one-day  Emergency Paediatric First Aid course or our Blended Paediatric First Aid course which is required for all Ofsted registered childminders and childcare settings such as nursery schools and kindergartens.

If you are unable to attend a face to face paediatric first aid course, we have two fantastic online courses in Family First Aid and First Aid for Parents which are fully interactive with lots of videos, quizzes and full audio narration.

You can choose exactly when and where you want to learn,  so if you’re up in the night or early in the morning when your home is lovely and quiet this could be the perfect time to log in on your phone, ipad or any other device and catch up on your first aid skills and knowledge.