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Registers and Assessment /Feedback For All Courses

Trainer Register/Assessment Record - MUST BE COMPLETED FOR EVERY FIRST AID/CPR COURSE and emailed immediately after course to

Learner Assessment/Feedback sheet - MUST be completed by every learner and scanned/posted back to Safe and Sound (60 Normandy Avenue, Barnet EN5 2JA)

Trainer instructions for using the online register and assessment sheet

GENERAL REGISTER FOR NON FIRST AID COURSES (Fire, Food, Safeguarding, Health and Safety etc)

Blended Paediatric Course Documents

Blended Paediatric Course Descriptor and Lesson Plan (in line with FAIB)

Blended Paediatric Timetable

Trainer Guidance for Blended Paediatric Course

Blended Paediatric powerpoint 2020

Blended Paediatric Learner Question Paper

Trainer Answer Paper

EFAW Course Documents

EFAW Course Descriptor

EFAW Timetable

EFAW powerpoint

EFAW Question Paper (Updated December 2019)

EFAW Trainer Answer Paper Updated December 2019)

Blended EFAW Course Documents

Blended EFAW Timetable

EFAW Question Paper (same paper as non blended course)

EFAW Trainer Answer Paper (same paper as non blended course)

EFAW Power Point

FAW Course Documents

EFAW Question Paper

EFAW Trainer Answer Paper

FAW Management of Illness and Injury Question Paper

Learner Answer Paper for Management of Illness and Injury

FAW powerpoint

Schools First Aid (EFAW plus Asthma, Anaphylaxis, Head Injuries)

EFAW Question paper (Updated December 2019)

EFAW Trainer Answer Paper (updated December 2019)

Schools First Aid Power Point

Combined Blended Paediatric and EFAW

Combined Paediatric and EFAW Question Paper

Combined Paediatric and EFAW Trainer Answer Paper

Useful Reference Documents and Resources

HSE Guidelines for Employers

EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) Guidelines - see Annexe A for Paediatric course info