First Aid and Safety Products for Work and Home

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  • thermometer

    Tympanic Thermometer

    Infra-Red Inner Ear Readings, Fast, Highly Accurate Results, Data Displayed within Seconds...

    £20.00 + VAT
  • first aid wallet

    1 Person First Aid Kit Wallet

    Handy 1 person first aid kit, can be stored neatly in 
the office or vehicle for emergency persona...

    £9.00 + VAT
  • travel first aid kit

    Travel First Aid Kit

    The ideal first aid kit for business or holiday travel, both abroad or at home....

    £6.50 + VAT
  • child care kit

    Childcare First Aid Kit

    Approved emergency childcare first aid kit meeting the guidelines given by the Health and Safety Exe...

    £19.00 + VAT
  • key fob

    Face Shield in Key Fob

    Essential first aid resuscitation face shield with valve to carry with your keys....

    £3.00 + VAT
  • zoll

    ZOLL AED Plus

    A Full Rescue-AED provides high quality CPR....

    £1,015.00 + VAT
  • family-kit

    Family First Aid Kit

    A comprehensive family first aid kit – a must for every home....

    £20.00 + VAT
  • burns-kit

    Burns First Aid

    This unit is ideal for kitchens or other areas where burns present a hazard....

    £18.00 + VAT
  • childrens-kit

    Childrens First Aid Kit

    The perfect first aid kit for parents. Ideal for family days out, the home, car or camping....

    £13.50 + VAT