Paediatric first aid courses for nannies, au pairs and child carers

When you hear about a toddler dying from a choking incident one’s first thoughts always go to where are my children? Who are they with? And are they ok?

Drowning, choking and falls are the kind of accidents that could happen to any child.  And when these accidents do happen what is most important is that we, the parents or the child carers looking after them whether they be nannies, au pairs, grandparents or nursery staff  know what to do. Because in the worst case scenario and without proper intervention, simple accidents can end in tragedy.

It is about this time of year when parents start to recruit new nannies and au pairs. It is never an easy time on either side as there is always a settling in period where it becomes obvious whether or not the relationship is going to work out.  I have written before about the importance of a nanny contract.

But equally important is checking that they have a valid and up to date paediatric first aid certificate by a recognised provider.  The certificate should specify that they have attended a minimum of 6 hours face to face training.

Many families are employing child carers from overseas and with them, just like in the UK, come a number of folk tales about first aid.  For example some Eastern European au pairs on our first aid courses told us that that in their country they put toothpaste on burns. Equally misleading is my grandmother’s advice to put butter on burns. Check out our common first aid misconceptions.

On Safe and Sound  Paediatric First  Aid Courses not only do we provide 6 hours of face to face training by instructors who work for the emergency services and have extensive experience of accident and emergency medicine. We also provide training on Anaphylaxis and the use of AED’s.  In addition we offer an extended elearning module that accompanies the learning to ensure that everyone  leaves our training courses well equipped in the knowledge that they would know what to in an emergency situation. (For childcarers wishing to register with Ofsted this elearning module is a compulsory part of the course).

Accidents are always going to happen however vigilant we are. But having child carers with good first aid training and a well-equipped childrens first aid kit   will help ensure you and your children are safe and sound.