Paediatric First Aid Courses for Nannies Au Pairs and Parents


Over the past 10 years the market has been flooded with people providing paediatric first aid courses for Nannies, Au Pairs and Parents.  Some of these courses are very good, some ok and some not very good at all.

We have seen such a change in attitude towards paediatric first aid since we first started delivering training some 16 years ago.  While now, thankfully it is readily accepted that all child carers and indeed parents need to learn first aid, back in the nineties this was not the case. We had to do a lot of work to ensure that first aid was taken seriously.  And while this is now the case there is still much to do. For example making first aid courses compulsory for all school pupils.

We have come across many  first aid myths over the past 16 years. Such as “My mother used to put butter on my burns,” “In my country we use toothpaste.” Today there is one clear rule: put the burn under cool, running for a full 10 minutes – not 30 seconds. Burns don’t need creams. Other changes to old-fashioned wisdom include never inducing vomiting if a child has swallowed a toxic substance (calling for medical help is the best thing to do), and never tilting the head backwards to stop a nosebleed: instead, tip the head forwards, pinching the soft end of the nose, and releasing to check for bleeding every 10 minutes.

We are heartened to see so many nannies, au pairs and nanny agencies now  realising the importance of keeping paediatric first aid regularly updated.

So what should you check before deciding on a first aid course?

  • Check the qualifications of the trainers.
  • Check the duration of the course
  • Check the venue if it is an open course. Nothing worse than sitting in a stuffy, windowless room for 6 hours.
  • If you need to register for Ofsted check there is a good eLearning module that accompanies the course (unless you have signed up for a 2 day face to face course) and that it is completed before the practical day of training
  • Check  the maximum number of people in a group
  • Do the trainers have sufficient child and baby manikins for the group
  • Do they include the use of an AED on the course (The Resuscitation UK Guidelines specify that AED’s should be included on all first aid courses)?
  • Ask to see what is included in the training


What to expect from a Safe and Sound Emergency Paediatric First Aid Course.

All our trainers work for the emergency services with extensive experience of accident and emergency medicine.

You can attend the 1 day Emergency Paediatric First Aid Course but if you are a nanny or au pair wishing to be on the OFSTED Voluntary register you can also complete our free eLearning module before attending the training day so that you get the full Paediatric First Aid certificate rather than just the Emergency Paediatric First Aid certificate.

All learners receive a comprehensive paediatric first aid manual.

Subjects taught include:

  • the role of a first aider
  • managing a first aid incident
  • resuscitation
  • unconscious baby or child
  • wounds and bleeds
  • choking
  • anaphylaxis
  • head injuries
  • shock
  • asthma
  • febrile convulsions
  • burns

You will be continuously assessed by your instructor throughout your face to face training. If for any reason you are unable to demonstrate the practical skills taught on the course, we will invite you to attend a further course completely free of charge

To book on to one of our open first aid courses go to:

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